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Ball Python Rescue
Ocala, Florida


The purpose of Ball Python Rescue is to spread awareness regarding Ball Pythons. If you can no longer provide a home for your Ball Python, know that there is an alternative to releasing your snakes in the wild, where they may be exposed to unnecessary harm.

These released pets can end up in parks, neighbor’s yards, and are not native to our environment. Help us keep children, local wildlife and other pets safe, as well as protecting the beautiful Ball Python. We are willing to help you out as much as we can so if you have a problem, please contact us and we will do what we can to help you. Help us to help you. We love our Ball Pythons, and want to share that appreciation with everyone, but, we can only help if you allow us.

We do not and will not SELL/ADOPT/OR FOSTER out any snakes we rescue. Our rescues will be in their forever home with us – UNLESS stated otherwise from the owner of the snake.

  • In cases in which we may end up with a rescue that we are asked to find a home for, the only thing we may ask for from the person adopting the snake is to pay for shipping.
  • In cases of us RESCUING a snake that requires shipment to us, WE will pay for shipping ourselves.
  • Donations are appreciated and may be made via paypal.

If your wish is to remain anonymous, we will honor your wishes upon request. Otherwise we would love to give you credit on our FACEBOOK pages ballpythonrescue and glenn Kristen ballpythons. That way we will be able to show you what your donation went toward, as well as to provide a thank you for what you did to help the Ball Pythons.

Ball Python Rescue
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